3 facts about The United Kingdom Rarely Known

Did you know about the State of the United Kingdom? Certainly know. This country is the country’s most prosperous Kingdom. Their language became the international language. No wonder this country became the country’s most admired. Harry potter has his country’s triumph of highest countries in the world.

However, do you think if there are unique rules that apply in the United Kingdom? In addition there are also some customs people United Kingdom you may not yet know behind the fame name. The following facts about the habits, rules and also the fact that exist in United Kingdom.

1. The owner of a 1/6 of the world’s land Is Queen Elizabeth

Still remember you by Queen Eliabeth II? She is the Queen of the United Kingdom are well known. In addition to behold a very pretty and charming. He is also the Queen. Do you know if he is the owner of 1/6 of the land on this earth?
Although the United Kingdom including the narrow country, but Queen of the United Kingdom include the owner of 1/6 of the land on the Earth. He is the legitimate owner of the land is 1/6. Could not create the right as rich as what the Queen of the United Kingdom.

2. Prohibition of an argument with his wife over 9 pm

Quarrels between husband and wife has indeed reasonable. However, if you do violence against wives is indeed much contested. An awful lot of rules governing about violence against wives. That is because the multitude of oppressions happen to women. These rules are intended to protect women.
Similarly in the United Kingdom, there are rules that forbid to bertengan with my wife on top of 9 pm. However, the cause of the existence of this prohibition is not because protecting women. However, the quarrels between noise that disturbs neighbors husband and wife who was sleeping. Unique, isn’t it?

3. Passport for animals

The Passport is very important and reasonable for us to have. We need it as the identity of us when we are in the land of the people. Have you ever imagined if animals also have a passport? Surely you are astonished, what and how of the contents.
In English, the Passport to animals it was natural for uk residents who have a pet horse. All types of horse or pony, like zebra, ass etc. in the United Kingdom is obliged to have a passport. The passport contains about the types of horses, the name of the owner as well as a statement from the owner if the horse to eat or just maintained. This Passport is shown to the buyer to the standard of sales, when you sell or give it to others, and also when you care for your pet.

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