3 the place of Culinary Fancy in the United Kingdom

London is the old town which has become crowded since the middle ages. In addition to the rich in historic buildings, London also has a culinary tourist destination must try. If your culinary connoisseur, here luxury culinary 3 places when you travel to the United Kingdom.

Medieval Banquet

Medieval Banquet is located below ground with a similar interior design spaces of medieval times castle with a unique ornament. The menu offered indeed varies, depending on the season. However, in general, the menu was soup vegetables, beef or smoked beef roast, meat roast chicken, potatoes, and vegetables with honey. In addition to white water, also provided the wine, there is also a large typical medieval bread are eaten with soup.

Business hours: 19.15 – 00.00

Ticket prices: adults: 49.95 pounds. Children are 30 pounds. There are also Family Pack (two adults and two children). This package only free 110 pounds.

Address: Ivory House, St Katherine’s Dock, London E1W 1BP United Kingdom

two minutes walk from Tower Bridge, London

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The Ivy

The Ivy restaurant is the most famous restaurant in London. The restaurant offers the experience of eating a dish native to the plains of Britain, with the atmosphere of the restaurant is very cozy and elegant. This fine dining restaurant serves a varied menu ranging from soup, pasta, dessert, vegetarian dishes too. Customers can choose whether to order the set menu, a la carte, to choose a wine from the list provided.

Business hours: 12:00 – 23.30.

Ticket price: 840 dollars early registration

Address: 1-5 West Street, London.

To go to this restaurant you can take a taxi from London destinations West Street via A400 road route or routes Shaftesbury Ave and A401 approximately 7 minutes.

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The Scotch Whisky Experience

You’ll find sensational journey when you visit the Scotch Whisky Experience. You will be part of the process of making whiskey. Along the way, you’ll hear the story behind this magical craft, with expert tour guides and whiskey advisors with you each tour making whiskey. When you visit The Scotch Whisky Experience, you will find the experience truly amazing.

Business hours: Monday to Friday from 10:00 am.

Ticket prices: the cost of a tour for students: 10, 50 euros and adults 13.00 Euro.

Address: 354 Castlehill, Edinburgh EH1 2NE, United Kingdom

You can take a private vehicle from Glasgow with a trip for 1 hour.

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