Snack Typical english Favorites

Hey, I want to write about light snack or commonly known as a snack. I included children who love to buy a light snack or snack wherever I am. Over in the UK I also have a favorite snack as an introduction to make a college assignment, watching tv and watching movies. Snack typical UK prices generally range from £ 1. If converted into the currency of Indonesia is certainly expensive for the size of the snacks at a price almost 20 thousand. In Indonesia, at a price of £ 1 could be 5 pack. Here are some typical English snacks should you try or can serve as a souvenir if returned to Indonesia.

1. Walkers

This is the first snack that I bought in the UK. Cracker same shape as that lays a thin and crispy but walkers less salt than the snacks production in Indonesia. Besides the price is expensive snack, not a lot of content.


2. Jelly babies

These snacks like snack I ate as a child that Yupi. The first time I know this from girlfriend snacks. that time in order to play try fitting ending to his flat and I became addicted. Jelly babies taste more sweet and tender when compared with the taste Yupi. This snack is very dangerous for me because my diet program is still in the process of formation in the stomach abs.

3. Battenberg Cake

Battenberg is a snack made of flour or more easily we can call the cake. Banttenberg taste very delicious with a combination of jam and marzipan. Battenberg is perfect when paired with english tea. Sources snacks I got from a girlfriend when playing my flat to bring these snacks. all the food he fits in recommended of my tongue. Maybe I’m a mess so there is no problem if met new foods, especially foods taste sweet😀

4. Jaffa Cakes

Jaffa cakes are layered chocolate cake with orange flavor combinations jelly between layers of chocolate and cake. The first time I tried this food during the holiday in Montenegro. Because the selection of snacks at the supermarket Montenegro lacking many variations that make me confused as to buy which one, so I decided to try this english snacks. When back in England, I was fortunate that I was no promo jaffa Cakes half price at £ 1.50 on the normal price of £ 3. Passable economical 30 thousand.😀

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