The United Kingdom has been known as one of the largest countries in Europe. As one of the oldest countries in the world, the country also with football culture is certainly has a lot of things that can be discus. One of them is about the food. Characteristics of typical foods the United Kingdom was, all of the processing so easily. As easy as do of processing? The following 10 United Kingdom the finest specialties.

Black Pudding

Although named Pudding, not to say so. Black Pudding is one type of traditional sausage United Kingdom origin. Made from dried pig’s blood and fat. Many people consider these sausages taste better if made with fresh blood that has not lumpy. In General, these food lover like it because of the taste of the blood of this sausage. Black pudding is a type of food that is easily damaged and very smooth, therefore though suspended, after a few days, this sausage is already considered not worthy of mention are consumed. Food have often eaten people the United Kingdom at breakfast and the opportunity. In serving, Black Pudding is often served with a spicy seasoning.

Bubble & Squeak
The food is usually made from frozen meat, potatoes, and cabbage, but carrots, peas, brussels sprouts, and other vegetables are also commonly added. The cold chopped vegetables and meat and then fried. As well as augmented by mashed potatoes then mixed and cooked until the meat is lightly browned. For you lovers of vegetable material, usually made from meat is replaced with Tofu.

Beer and Parsley pie
This meal is the typical native food London, but a lot of people who know that the Pie comes from America. Pie in circulation in the world essentially there are two types, namely, meat Pie, and sweet pie. In the UK alone, meat Pie, very popular and people there consider that meat pie originating from there. For materials, initially, a pie made of eel, but on his way, this material replaced with beef. This traditional food often served without sauce and is known as the food of green Beer companion nonalcohol parsley.

Yorkshire Pudding
Pudding in the United Kingdom, in contrast to other pudding topping used, is the use of meat and vegetables. One of the famous is Yorkshire Pudding. This pudding is a typical regional food Yorkshire is generally eaten at Sunday Lunch. This pudding is usually served with the main meal. This is the traditional way of eating the pudding and it is still common in parts of Yorkshire until recently. A rich sauce coupled with a slice of grilled meats will add to the taste. In addition to meat sure only vegetables with parsley or white sauce are often served. This pudding already centuries – the century became a favorite snack of society United Kingdom. Creation is traditionally very simple dough of flour, wheat, milk, water and eggs and baked on top of the furnace. But the passage of time, the way food is diverse – of sorts. Be on steam or on steamed and baked in the oven.

Cheddar Cheese
Not only is Switzerland which has the kind of Cheese, the United Kingdom has a typical cheese type, i.e. Cheddar cheese. The name was taken from his home, that the village of Cheddar in Somerset, United Kingdom, Cheddar cheese is one of the types of cheese that are very popular in the market share of the United Kingdom. This includes types of cheese hard Cheese. Cheddar is made from cow’s milk. When still young, bright yellow color and soft texture. Whereas if it is old, the color will be the dark and hard texture of more.

Full English Breakfast
True to its name, this means food full breakfast ala United Kingdom. This dish is cooked in the traditional way in which is eaten at breakfast, though it is also often served at other meal times. Full breakfast generally combines several kinds of fried foods, usually is the bacon, egg, sausage, mushrooms, beans, hash browns, tomatoes and black pudding. For those of you who are vegetarian, not am. There is also a Full English menu that prepares a special menu for lovers of vegetables. Usually contains tofu, mushrooms, salad, beans, and a variety of other types of vegetables that can be in the message itself.

Roast Meats
Roast meats are tasty food and the making of a very easy, Roast Meats or grilled meats cooked in the oven for more than two hours. Using basic ingredients beef rib, goat or chicken whole. These foods are often found in summer. The United Kingdom communities often take the time to make Roast Meats with family,

Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips is a typical food of United Kingdom’s most sought-after. Not only the local people who love it. But tourists visiting English won’t miss the opportunity to taste the cuisine of this one. Fish and Chips is the main ingredient of food fish and potatoes. The way of processing is fried. Although fried, this food texture is very soft. This is because the fish used was crushed in advance. The typical United Kingdom Makananan is first introduced in the United Kingdom the year 1860. The chip has a bigger size than the regular fries so make enough stomach full after eating it. Fried fish coated with flour has a delicious flavor and will make your tongue wiggling. The taste of the fish and savory potato is certainly going to make anyone recognize this food delicacy. Moreover, if food is served with a sauce of Tar – Tar.

Lancashire Hotpot
This is a food dish consisting of roast beef, red onions and potatoes are baked in a large saucepan over low heat for a day, making the material– existing seasoning can seep into the most meat. This food comes from the industrial city of Lancashire in the North West of United Kingdom. The food is very easy to be made. In the United Kingdom, this food served at many parties, since making it easy for a lot of people and the price is cheap. It is suitable also as a friend when the weather is cold.

Muffin is a fairly typical United Kingdom Popular. We often see him at the tavern cake and bakery. Muffin is a kind of traditional food-shaped roles, role and thin. The ingredients are essentially made of bread dough that are yeast. It’s pretty unique way should be ripped first and given plan butter then baked again. In order for the ideas, it feels more varied, the surface smeared with homemade fruit jams. main material from muffins, namely flour, but can be replaced with corn flour. In the United Kingdom, there is the tradition of afternoon tea. Muffins are served as a main snack warm tea Companion. That’s why this cake is known as ‘ tea cake ‘.  The time of the Victorian era, muffin cake sold by street sellers.

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