Everything for the legs tips on fashion

Everything for the legs

After the many, many basics for the upper body, we now come to your legs. Because the selection is not quite as big. First, the classic jeans, which is probably one of the most difficult issues, is a challenge for every style guide. A perfectly fitting jeans is really rare and whoever finds one can be lucky. To give you the best tips for batik laki laki follow the next step:

Step # 1 The jeans

The jeans get more and more competition from the chino pants. In color, there is a huge selection and just in summer you can see them sooner than a pair of jeans. So that you can find the right chino pants, the next step

Step # 2 The chino pants

To keep up with the current trends, there is also an extra article about Colorful Chino Pants. Because this trend should be noticeable to everyone.

Step # 3 Colorful chino pants

And now something is missing! Baggy pants? Oh no! They belong in any case sorted out. In the summer, man wears short pants and how this works you read here:

Step # 4 The short pants

Matching to the short pants article, there are some ideas and suggestions in the men-style-guide concerning combinations of short pants, you can find them here:

Step # 5 Combine short pants


Shoes for men

Women all have a shoe tick, but even men should have more than just a pair of shoes. You do not have to buy a new pair every week, but it can be three, four.

Step # 1 shoes

So that you also know which trousers fit to which shoes and which man can combine well, there is an article about shoe combinations.

Step # 2 Combine shoes

Shoes include socks. Not important, you say? Wrongly thought. The wrong choice of the socks can destroy everything you have read so far and will apply correctly.

Step # 3 Socks

The socks are not equal socks and just play an important role in the winter, there is still a little guide like man boots and socks properly combined.

Step # 4 Combine boots and socks

And then we are already finished with the topic of shoes and socks!

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