Everything for the upper body

Everything for the upper body

Now the following are the most important pieces of clothing which can not be missed in any men’s wardrobe. First, we will devote ourselves to clothing for the upper body, then the jeans and pants, then we come to the shoes and, last but not least, we dedicate ourselves to the accessories.

Clearly, the most important part of the wardrobe is the T-shirt. Whether as a basic for batik laki laki layering for shirts or cardigans or in summer as a shirt only combination, the T-shirt is a must and I know also no man who owns less than 10 T-shirts. So

Step # 1 The T-Shirt

If you know how to combine a T-shirt as a man, you can also combine a longsleeve, but there are still a few little things you should take care of

Step # 2 The Longsleeve

Now we come to a true classic without the man from 30 no longer manages. The sweater. There are numerous combinations and a sweater can be a lot more stylish when combined. So if you’re wearing sweaters and wondering why it always looks the same, you should take a closer look at the next step.

Step # 3 The sweater

And the next classic, without which no man at all can manage. No matter if young or old, a shirt must have everyone in the closet. Evaluate every outfit and on more elegant occasions unavoidable.

Step # 4 The shirt

In the last years more and more fashionable and now absolutely necessary, the cardigan must not be missing anywhere. Incredibly versatile and easy to use anywhere. Stylish and elegant or casual and cool, the cardigan can do anything.

Step # 5 The cardigan

Now it’s getting tight in terms of outerwear, but we still have two. The leather jacket. Not quite cheap, but a leatherjacket holds a life if you want it and nurtures it. Leather jackets are the epitome of coolnis and can not be missing in the style guide.

Step # 6 The leather jackets

In Germany something underestimated, since he is often immediately classified as very chic is the blazer. With a few tricks you can easily integrate your blazer into a casual look, without looking too chic or over-dressed, everything else:

Step # 7 The Blazer

The last basic in terms of outerwear is the tank top. A kind of trend that comes to us in the summer. Loose, wide-cut tops for men and women for a cool and airy look.

Step # 8 Tank Tops

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