Inspired by fashion and architecture

Dusseldorf, Germany. Cologne’s charity lady Brigitte Christoph is a big fan of the state capital. “I find Düsseldorf simply beautiful,” she says. “It has a cosmopolitan flair and a beautiful characteristic atmosphere.” I really like baju kantor batik for my main dress to get into the office.

Dusseldorf was clearly the modemetropole of Germany. At the very latest of her KölnBall, which takes place this year on October 14th for the 29th time, she is cheering with various designers at the Kö to get inspired or even find a model for her ball. Brigitte Christoph, who initiated the KölnBall and has cultivated great passion for almost 30 years, has many friends in Düsseldorf who brought her to the city.

“The media harbor, for example, with its architecture mix is ​​always an absolute highlight for me, and the Rhine promenade is ideal for strolling, which is also good for stress reduction.” With a culinary time out, Brigitte Christoph ends her perfect day in Düsseldorf. They prefer to go to the “wonderful” Victorian restaurant.

Maritime Mode ist der Klassiker schlechthin und verliert nie seine Beliebtheit. Er begleitet uns schon ewig durch laue Frühlingsabende, heiße Tage am Meer oder auch einen spontanen spätsommerlichen Stadtbummel. Schon ewig da, doch auf gar keinen Fall altbacken! Geben Sie dem klassischen blau-weißen Streifenoutfit mit goldenen Akzenten einen eleganten und gleichzeitig lässigen Look. Durch ein paar Highlights kann der bequeme Alltagslook schnell zu einem passenden, modernen Begleiter für den Abend werden.

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