Plus Size Fashion: Clothing for Curvy Women


Plus Size Fashion: Clothing for Curvy Women

Real women have curves. The Modelabels now also know this and have extended their range by Plus-Size-Mode. Here at you can find out which department store chains have plus size fashion in the assortment. In addition, we will show you where you can find the largest selection of plus size fashion online such asĀ baju kantor batik

Plus-Size-Mode of the large Modelabel
The days when there were no attractive fashion for women with female curves are fortunately over. The big labels have realized in the last few years that there are also women beyond dry models, and now have beautiful plus size fashion in the assortment. Here you can find out, in which shops women with a little more on the hips the best.

H & M – Pioneer in Plus-Size-Mode
The Swedish fashion company H & M has always had a good sense of trends and was one of the first model albums, which had “Big is beautiful” its own model for curvy women in the assortment. The fashion group has now changed its name to “H & M +”, but remains true to its style: women, wearers’ clothing sizes 44 to 54, find a wide selection of casual basics in the shops and the associated online shop.

Mango – stylish plus size fashion
Even at the Spanish fashion group Mango, women are finally finding something beyond the model. With the line “Violeta” Mango has since 2014 its own collection of stylish plus size fashion in the assortment. The model line offers curvaceous women of clothes sizes 40 to 52 a wide selection of current fashion, which is matched to their figure: Wide cut tops conceal belly and hips, figure-shaping clothes set the curves particularly well in scene.

Mango’s Plus-Size line is available in worldwide stores as well as in the online shop.

S.Oliver – sporty plus size fashion
With “triangle by s.Oliver”, the Modelabel has launched a plus size collection, which is comfortable and looks good at the same time. With “triangle by s.Oliver”, the fashion group has designed a model that is all-day-perfect, in which women can feel comfortable all around.

As a special treat for customers, the standard shipping from the Onlineshop from s.Oliver is free of charge.

Zalando – own category Plus-Size-Mode
If you want to have a large selection of plus-size fashion from small and large model albums, you can browse Zalando by heart. The huge online shop Zalando has its own section for plus size fashion. Unbeatable is the filter function, in which not only the garment can be searched explicitly, but can also be selected directly according to price, color, material and brand. In addition, the free shipping and 100 day return guarantee, which makes the online shopping at Zalando not only convenient but also inexpensive.

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