Tips for Men to choose the best outfit

Here you will find the ultimate style guide for men. He should help you choose the right clothes. The Style Guide includes instructions for wearing all important clothing items. You do not know exactly how a jeans should sit exactly or how long should a T-shirt at least be? Here you will find the answer! The Style Guide also provides you with basic knowledge about fit and combination possibilities. What suits your body and your type? What colors can be combined with which? You will also find an answer to these questions. Save the page in the bookmarks and whenever you have questions about new clothes or combinations, the Style Guide will have an answer ready. Let us start at 0.


Make space for new ones

The first step towards recovery is to free itself from contaminated sites and create space for a new one. For this you have to muck out your wardrobe and really, as well, old things can also a little money into the cash, what should be for new clothes to sacrifice.

Step # 1 Clean the wardrobe



If you have taken the first step of the style guide and are now open to new ones, the basic knowledge, the absolute basics, the man must know. The basic knowledge will help you to choose the right garments and give you a lot of self confidence. For the most important is still to feel well and to stand by what you are!

Depending on your body shape, one of these two items is exactly the right one. You will be given helpful tips and a trick to counter the negative aspects of your body shape.

Step # 1 How To – Large & Slim
Step # 1 How To – Small & Broad

Now, each of you should know what specific features are there for your body and how to distract them. Once again a big step forward, but we are still far from achieving our goal. The next step is the foundations for the fit. How must a T-shirt sit, how long should sleeves of a jacket be and how tight can a shirt sit?

Step # 2 fit

Now it is ensured that you have the knowledge to dress you according to your body shape and to choose the right fit, so also the right size of your clothes. However, the Styleguide holds even more basic as the color choice. Wrong combinations of colors can quickly become a disaster if you do not know how. So this does not happen to you:

Step # 3 Color combinations

And again a bit smarter. What should fit you, the size it needs to be bought such as baju kantor batik, and what colors can be combined should now be your lightest exercise. However, for special colors, we also have individual items for you to help you understand the individual colors better and to put them even more effectively.

Step # 4 Combine the brown

Step # 5 Combine green

Step # 6 Combine red

Step # 7 Combine blue

Step # 8 Combine Navy

Step # 9 Combine yellow

Step # 10 Combine the old pink

According to the most important basic colors it goes to the pre-made, combine patterns.

Step # 11 Combine the camouflage

This is the basic knowledge, especially in the field of colors you should know now well. But since this is the ultimate style guide for men, there is of course much more information for you.

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