4 Saving Tips Traveling in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the most popular on the European continent in the world. Over time the United Kingdom continue to suck up the interest of tourists, because London is the most popular and most famous destinations for tourist destinations in the UK which keep the history and cultural diversity in smaller cities such as Bath and Oxford, as well as not to miss the city the birthplace of the legendary rock group The Beatles, Liverpool who boasted of his musical history.

If you also include people who dreamed of wishing to enjoy tours of London, following tips frugality when traveling to the United Kingdom.

Learn the cost of transportation in the United Kingdom

In London, National Rail services are known to be very expensive, no matter how long your trip. For example from London to Liverpool, you have to spend about $40 if it’s rush hour in the middle of the day you have to remove the fee could be $200. The solution, you must make booking tickets a week earlier with National Rail, if you choose to travel outside peak hours could trim costs by 50%, which is about $20. And if you want to find a cheaper ticket messages can Megabus again, you will get the cheap price of about $1.50. But to get the special rate, you must make booking tickets one month before your travel schedule.

Learn about the attractions in the United Kingdom

If You want to save spending money during the holidays in London, you should learn the attractions were there because many of the popular free attractions that you can visit. In the United Kingdom, there is a public museum offers free admission. There you can see the kind of museum collection items and antique collections of relics of some of the famous artists. In a place like that in the United Kingdom, you do not charge. However, if you want to enter the Palace and many other attractions, you will be charged an entrance fee. Free places in London you can visit for free is the Cathedral. Many of the Cathedrals in the United Kingdom that does not charge a single penny on tourists who visit. In this place, you can see collections and architectural beauty of the 15th century to the 19th.

Know an affordable Food in the United Kingdom

With a taste card, you could save up to 50% of your food shopping at home or a restaurant that has been designated. To get a taste of this card you will not be charged the membership card and taste is what has always been the mainstay of the tourist in London to get the price of cheap food quality but festive. The next solution for the cheap food menu, you can visit the local pubs. Because of prices in the local pub cheaper half price than anywhere.

Search budget accommodation in London

If you need a cheap lodging, in London there is a hostel who put up the lowest fare between $21-40 per night for dorm rooms. The facilities are quite good because it’s already getting early breakfast and Wifi equipped, laundry, tv, and shared space. If you want a room that is rather good as superior or twin, the price ranges from $84 USD per night.

When in London, the United Kingdom, you can visit the Tower of London, City Hall, London and the River Thames. If you want to stay, there are several hotels in the area, you can stay at Hyde Park Towers Hotels, Kensington Court Earls Court Hotel, and the Best Western Cromwell Hotel.

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