Everything for the legs tips on fashion

Everything for the legs

After the many, many basics for the upper body, we now come to your legs. Because the selection is not quite as big. First, the classic jeans, which is probably one of the most difficult issues, is a challenge for every style guide. A perfectly fitting jeans is really rare and whoever finds one can be lucky. To give you the best tips for batik laki laki follow the next step:

Step # 1 The jeans

The jeans get more and more competition from the chino pants. In color, there is a huge selection and just in summer you can see them sooner than a pair of jeans. So that you can find the right chino pants, the next step

Step # 2 The chino pants

To keep up with the current trends, there is also an extra article about Colorful Chino Pants. Because this trend should be noticeable to everyone.

Step # 3 Colorful chino pants

And now something is missing! Baggy pants? Oh no! They belong in any case sorted out. In the summer, man wears short pants and how this works you read here:

Step # 4 The short pants

Matching to the short pants article, there are some ideas and suggestions in the men-style-guide concerning combinations of short pants, you can find them here:

Step # 5 Combine short pants


Shoes for men

Women all have a shoe tick, but even men should have more than just a pair of shoes. You do not have to buy a new pair every week, but it can be three, four.

Step # 1 shoes

So that you also know which trousers fit to which shoes and which man can combine well, there is an article about shoe combinations.

Step # 2 Combine shoes

Shoes include socks. Not important, you say? Wrongly thought. The wrong choice of the socks can destroy everything you have read so far and will apply correctly.

Step # 3 Socks

The socks are not equal socks and just play an important role in the winter, there is still a little guide like man boots and socks properly combined.

Step # 4 Combine boots and socks

And then we are already finished with the topic of shoes and socks!

Everything for the upper body

Everything for the upper body

Now the following are the most important pieces of clothing which can not be missed in any men’s wardrobe. First, we will devote ourselves to clothing for the upper body, then the jeans and pants, then we come to the shoes and, last but not least, we dedicate ourselves to the accessories.

Clearly, the most important part of the wardrobe is the T-shirt. Whether as a basic for batik laki laki layering for shirts or cardigans or in summer as a shirt only combination, the T-shirt is a must and I know also no man who owns less than 10 T-shirts. So

Step # 1 The T-Shirt

If you know how to combine a T-shirt as a man, you can also combine a longsleeve, but there are still a few little things you should take care of

Step # 2 The Longsleeve

Now we come to a true classic without the man from 30 no longer manages. The sweater. There are numerous combinations and a sweater can be a lot more stylish when combined. So if you’re wearing sweaters and wondering why it always looks the same, you should take a closer look at the next step.

Step # 3 The sweater

And the next classic, without which no man at all can manage. No matter if young or old, a shirt must have everyone in the closet. Evaluate every outfit and on more elegant occasions unavoidable.

Step # 4 The shirt

In the last years more and more fashionable and now absolutely necessary, the cardigan must not be missing anywhere. Incredibly versatile and easy to use anywhere. Stylish and elegant or casual and cool, the cardigan can do anything.

Step # 5 The cardigan

Now it’s getting tight in terms of outerwear, but we still have two. The leather jacket. Not quite cheap, but a leatherjacket holds a life if you want it and nurtures it. Leather jackets are the epitome of coolnis and can not be missing in the style guide.

Step # 6 The leather jackets

In Germany something underestimated, since he is often immediately classified as very chic is the blazer. With a few tricks you can easily integrate your blazer into a casual look, without looking too chic or over-dressed, everything else:

Step # 7 The Blazer

The last basic in terms of outerwear is the tank top. A kind of trend that comes to us in the summer. Loose, wide-cut tops for men and women for a cool and airy look.

Step # 8 Tank Tops

Tips for Men to choose the best outfit

Here you will find the ultimate style guide for men. He should help you choose the right clothes. The Style Guide includes instructions for wearing all important clothing items. You do not know exactly how a jeans should sit exactly or how long should a T-shirt at least be? Here you will find the answer! The Style Guide also provides you with basic knowledge about fit and combination possibilities. What suits your body and your type? What colors can be combined with which? You will also find an answer to these questions. Save the page in the bookmarks and whenever you have questions about new clothes or combinations, the Style Guide will have an answer ready. Let us start at 0.


Make space for new ones

The first step towards recovery is to free itself from contaminated sites and create space for a new one. For this you have to muck out your wardrobe and really, as well, old things can also a little money into the cash, what should be for new clothes to sacrifice.

Step # 1 Clean the wardrobe



If you have taken the first step of the style guide and are now open to new ones, the basic knowledge, the absolute basics, the man must know. The basic knowledge will help you to choose the right garments and give you a lot of self confidence. For the most important is still to feel well and to stand by what you are!

Depending on your body shape, one of these two items is exactly the right one. You will be given helpful tips and a trick to counter the negative aspects of your body shape.

Step # 1 How To – Large & Slim
Step # 1 How To – Small & Broad

Now, each of you should know what specific features are there for your body and how to distract them. Once again a big step forward, but we are still far from achieving our goal. The next step is the foundations for the fit. How must a T-shirt sit, how long should sleeves of a jacket be and how tight can a shirt sit?

Step # 2 fit

Now it is ensured that you have the knowledge to dress you according to your body shape and to choose the right fit, so also the right size of your clothes. However, the Styleguide holds even more basic as the color choice. Wrong combinations of colors can quickly become a disaster if you do not know how. So this does not happen to you:

Step # 3 Color combinations

And again a bit smarter. What should fit you, the size it needs to be bought such as baju kantor batik, and what colors can be combined should now be your lightest exercise. However, for special colors, we also have individual items for you to help you understand the individual colors better and to put them even more effectively.

Step # 4 Combine the brown

Step # 5 Combine green

Step # 6 Combine red

Step # 7 Combine blue

Step # 8 Combine Navy

Step # 9 Combine yellow

Step # 10 Combine the old pink

According to the most important basic colors it goes to the pre-made, combine patterns.

Step # 11 Combine the camouflage

This is the basic knowledge, especially in the field of colors you should know now well. But since this is the ultimate style guide for men, there is of course much more information for you.


Inspired by fashion and architecture

Dusseldorf, Germany. Cologne’s charity lady Brigitte Christoph is a big fan of the state capital. “I find Düsseldorf simply beautiful,” she says. “It has a cosmopolitan flair and a beautiful characteristic atmosphere.” I really like baju kantor batik for my main dress to get into the office.

Dusseldorf was clearly the modemetropole of Germany. At the very latest of her KölnBall, which takes place this year on October 14th for the 29th time, she is cheering with various designers at the Kö to get inspired or even find a model for her ball. Brigitte Christoph, who initiated the KölnBall and has cultivated great passion for almost 30 years, has many friends in Düsseldorf who brought her to the city.

“The media harbor, for example, with its architecture mix is ​​always an absolute highlight for me, and the Rhine promenade is ideal for strolling, which is also good for stress reduction.” With a culinary time out, Brigitte Christoph ends her perfect day in Düsseldorf. They prefer to go to the “wonderful” Victorian restaurant.

Maritime Mode ist der Klassiker schlechthin und verliert nie seine Beliebtheit. Er begleitet uns schon ewig durch laue Frühlingsabende, heiße Tage am Meer oder auch einen spontanen spätsommerlichen Stadtbummel. Schon ewig da, doch auf gar keinen Fall altbacken! Geben Sie dem klassischen blau-weißen Streifenoutfit mit goldenen Akzenten einen eleganten und gleichzeitig lässigen Look. Durch ein paar Highlights kann der bequeme Alltagslook schnell zu einem passenden, modernen Begleiter für den Abend werden.

Plus Size Fashion: Clothing for Curvy Women


Plus Size Fashion: Clothing for Curvy Women

Real women have curves. The Modelabels now also know this and have extended their range by Plus-Size-Mode. Here at Gala.de you can find out which department store chains have plus size fashion in the assortment. In addition, we will show you where you can find the largest selection of plus size fashion online such as baju kantor batik

Plus-Size-Mode of the large Modelabel
The days when there were no attractive fashion for women with female curves are fortunately over. The big labels have realized in the last few years that there are also women beyond dry models, and now have beautiful plus size fashion in the assortment. Here you can find out, in which shops women with a little more on the hips the best.

H & M – Pioneer in Plus-Size-Mode
The Swedish fashion company H & M has always had a good sense of trends and was one of the first model albums, which had “Big is beautiful” its own model for curvy women in the assortment. The fashion group has now changed its name to “H & M +”, but remains true to its style: women, wearers’ clothing sizes 44 to 54, find a wide selection of casual basics in the shops and the associated online shop.

Mango – stylish plus size fashion
Even at the Spanish fashion group Mango, women are finally finding something beyond the model. With the line “Violeta” Mango has since 2014 its own collection of stylish plus size fashion in the assortment. The model line offers curvaceous women of clothes sizes 40 to 52 a wide selection of current fashion, which is matched to their figure: Wide cut tops conceal belly and hips, figure-shaping clothes set the curves particularly well in scene.

Mango’s Plus-Size line is available in worldwide stores as well as in the online shop.

S.Oliver – sporty plus size fashion
With “triangle by s.Oliver”, the Modelabel has launched a plus size collection, which is comfortable and looks good at the same time. With “triangle by s.Oliver”, the fashion group has designed a model that is all-day-perfect, in which women can feel comfortable all around.

As a special treat for customers, the standard shipping from the Onlineshop from s.Oliver is free of charge.

Zalando – own category Plus-Size-Mode
If you want to have a large selection of plus-size fashion from small and large model albums, you can browse Zalando by heart. The huge online shop Zalando has its own section for plus size fashion. Unbeatable is the filter function, in which not only the garment can be searched explicitly, but can also be selected directly according to price, color, material and brand. In addition, the free shipping and 100 day return guarantee, which makes the online shopping at Zalando not only convenient but also inexpensive.